State Comission on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons


In August 1992, near Baligaya village of Goranboy district of Azerbaijan was committed another bloody and ruthless crime - Baligaya Massacre.

In summer 1992, 6 families sheltered in this suitable for the breeding area. As a result of Armenian-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, these families had been expelled from Lachin district of Azerbaijan, and settled in different regions of Azerbaijan. Till 1992, Lachin was one of the centers of cattle-breeding in Azerbaijan. The scope was one of the main occupations of people in the district. After the occupation of Lachin district by Armenian troops on May 18, 1992, the populations of the district have been forced to live as a refugee in different regions of Azerbaijan. Mainly the residents of the district have settled in Baylagan, Barda, Goranboy and other surrounding districts. The purpose of Lachin district residents that in August 1992 came to Balligaya and lived in tent were the same, breeding livestock.

The bloody event - Balligaya Massacre occurred on August 1992, at 5 o'clock in the morning. On the day of the event, the diversion group of Armenian army forces, consisting of 10-12 people, had entered to the area and ruthlessly killed 24 and seriously wounded 9 people.  

All people that had been murdered in Balligaya were shepherds and their family members. Totally 24 people, 11 men (5 children and 2 elderly people) and 19 women were ruthlessly murdered in Balligaya. They were murdered brutally, through shot fire of large-caliber weapons, the bodies of some victims were burnt.

  №   N.S.P   DoB  Age
  1     Humbatov Elchin Vazir oglu  1980   12 years  
  2     Humbatov Baxtiyar Vazir oglu   1982   10 years  
  3     Humbatov Ismayıl Vazir oğlu  1984    8 years  
  4     Humbatov Navadi Vazir oğlu  1986    6 years  
  5     Humbatova Gulnar Vazir kizi   1988    4 years  
  6     Humbatov Janpolad Vazir oglu   1992    6 months  
  1     Abdullayeva Saadat Abdulla kizi  1973    19 years  
  2     Mehdiyeva (Maharramova) Ganira Ibrahim kizi                                            1935    57 years  
  3     Mehdiyeva Ayna Humbat kizi  1967    25 years  
  4     Mehdiyeva Beyim Aydın kizi  1959    33 years  
  5     Mehdiyeva Gulaya Ali kizi  1925    67 years  
  6     Mehdiyeva Suraya Mahammad kizi  1956    36 years  
  7     Kalbaliyeva Nubar Muradkhan kizi  1952    40 years  
  8     Valiyeva Zeynab Huseyin kizi  1899    93 years  
  9     Almammadova Minaya Abilgasim kizi  1930    62 years  
  10     Almammadova Zeynab Shamil kizi  1972    20 years  
  11     Almammadova Kamala Shamil kizi  1976    16 years  
  12     Humbatova Hurzaman Gara kizi  1959    33 years  
  13     Humbatova Gulnar Vazir kizi  1988    4 years  
Elderly people
  1     Abdullayev Abdulla Badal oglu  1934    58 years  
  2     Mehdiyev Humbat Abulgasim oglu  1930    62 years  
  3     Mehdiyeva (Maharramova) Ganira Ibrahim kizi   1935    57 years  
  4     Mehdiyeva Gulaya Ali kizi  1925    67 years  
  5     Valiyeva Zeynab Huseyin kizi  1899    93 years  
  6     Almammadova Minaya Abilgasim kizi  1930    62 years  

The victims of the massacre were buried in different regions of Azerbaijan (in the administrative territories of Garademirch, Alpout, Tumasli, and Nazirli villages of Barda district, and in the administrative territory of Gulluca village of Agdam district). 

The majority of murdered people in Balligaya were children, women and elderly people. 6 children and 13 women were ruthlessly killed in the massacre. Of these children the elderst was 12 years old, and the youngest - Humbatov Janpolad Vazir oglu was only 6 month. In addition, 6  of murdered 24 people were elderly people. The eldest victim of the massacre - Valiyeva Zeyneb Huseyin kizi was 93 years old. Moreover, during the massacre 9 people - Maharramov Yagub Jamil oglu,  Maharramov Xoshbext Kamil kizi,  Maharramov Sudabe Jamil kizi, Muradova Khuraman Muhammed kizi, Guliyeva Shehla Muhammed kizi, Mehdiyeva Lamiye Rehber kizi, Mehdiyeva Elxan Rehber kizi, Mediyeva Muhammed Rehber oglu, Abdullayeva Zuleyxa Ibrahimkhalil kizi - were seriously injured. Despite long term treatment, some of them could not restore their health.      Three children that were wounded during the massacre lost both parents.

According to the testimony of the witnesses, both murdered and wounded people in Baqlligaya did not have any weapons, firearms and steel arms to defend themselves. 

During the massacre the civilians were shot by heavy weapons, their bodies and belongings were burnt. All above mentioned proves the terrorist group that committed this crime deliberately targeted civilians, including women and children. It also proves that the killing of civilian people was the main goal of this terrorist group.

Furthermore, during the massacre several basic requirements of international humanitarian law obviously have been violated. The civilians directly targeted and were killed, against all human values and international humanitarian law children, women and elderly people were murdered. Ordinary people, shepherds and their family members were deprived from the right of living.  

On August 28, 1992 the Military Prosecutor's Office of Goranboy district of Azerbaijan has launched a criminal case regarding Balligaya Massacre. As a result of the investigation were determined the identity of some terrorists that participated in the massacre. Today, the materials, evidences and facts about Balligaya Massacre are stored in the Memorial Genocide Museum of Military Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan Republic.

Azerbaijan Republic has appealed to the relevant international organizations and international community (including the Republic of Armenia) for the finding and delivering perpetrators to the justice. Despite the appeal, perpetrators of this crime still have not been punished. The State Commission on Prisoners of War Hostages and Missing persons calls international community not to remain indifferent to this brutal massacre, and assist the punishment of perpetrators. 



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